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How Important Is Your Garage Door?

To say that your garage is only as good as its door would not be an exaggeration. While garages come as a fixed part of your home, the garage doors need to be maintained and replaced from time to time to ensure that they work efficiently. With the number of things that most of us store in our garages, besides the car, of course, the Mercer Island WA garage doors need to open and close properly for the safety and optimal working conditions of the items stored. Faulty garage doors Mercer Island WA not just make the stored items in the garage vulnerable to thefts, but they can considerably hike your utility bills as well as be a general nuisance.

Whether your garage door opener Mercer Island WA is manual or automatic, some of the parts that need to be functioning well are the springs and the motor parts that control most of the open and close mechanisms. Malfunctioning parts need careful repair and replacements, especially during extreme weather conditions. For minor issues like changing batteries, checking the door tracks and broken springs that can possibly be handled on your own, it is advisable that you inspect the door functioning every few months. For complex issues that require expert attention, there is always garage door repair Mercer Island WA.

Garage door repairs can cost you from anywhere between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the type of door that you have or the one that you wish to replace it with, and the cost is affected by the size of your garage as well, especially if your garage houses more than one car. At Mercer Island WA garage door repairs, we cater to all types of repairs ranging from replacing faulty parts like the springs, cables, and motors to the entire door mechanisms.

In most garage door repair Mercer Island WA, we have seen that the age of the garage doors can be enhanced if the springs, that bear the entire load of the garage door, are replaced when they show signs of wear and tear. The springs on the garage doors are generally meant to last only between 5-10 years, and since the garage doors need to be opened daily, the springs need to be in good shape for the doors to function effectively. Having a good garage door opening mechanism also enhances the life of the garage doors.